Longest 3 weeks; week 2

A night of fun and laughter, as I down a full peppered croaker fish and a bottle of water, I could not stay out late as the atmosphere was already polluted with carbon dioxide from the cigarette and “blunt” from people, so heading towards my hostel, an army man shouts hey, “otondo” where are you going to? with a stammering tone, I said back to my room and he says why did I come out with slippers, I replied I came out to stroll and the next thing I heard was “remove that slippers and start running to the hostel” and I had to plead with tears “fake tears”. I was pardoned but I still ran back to the hostel and I was trying to have sound sleep until…

PAM PAM RA RAMMMMMMMMMMMMMM… time to rush again to the field, I was already prepared so I got to the field early, and prayers started and the parade kicks in and so does my stomach, I hear rumbling and I realized I have entered one chance. I try to beg again with “tears face” to get to the hostel so I could visit the toilet but it didn’t work. I even tried “fine girl method” but no one was even looking at my side.

It was not funny I had s**t at the tip of my butt, and no convenience, I whispered under my voice, God help me. I finally found the “container toilet” and I enter to use it and “YUCK”, there was spirogyra everywhere, the toilet was in a mess and my stomach was still singing. I ran back to the parade ground with my legs twisted against each other to prevent the s**t from coming out and started begging for toilet paper so I could cover the mess and maybe manage the toilet but to no avail.

Walking with my legs crossed so it doesn’t drop on my white shorts, tears roll down my eyes as I thought this is the last day of my ‘fine girl’ in this camp. I bought like 3 sachets of water and summoned courage to enter the toilet.. (or maybe I didn’t)

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I washed off and proceeded to the lecture hall, this is a hall that cannot take more than at least 3 thousand people and we were up to 4 thousand corpers, there was no ventilation, I could not hear anything and worse of all the walls of the hall were emanating heat into the hall. So I did what any good corper will do, I got a seat by the window, opened it down, removed my cap, covered my face and had a good sleep till the lecture was over and it was time to find ‘’camp crush’’.

Then the next day was our swearing-in ceremony as corper, and we ladies trying to do beat our faces to head to the parade ground, the parade ground in Kubwa, Abuja, Nigeria is full of sand and dust and the sun rises and sets in that camp so you can imagine how hot it was, we headed out with our well beat faces, taking selfies, doing snapchat, taking pictures to post on Instagram.

We got to the parade ground by 8:00 am as said by the officials the previous day and it had not started, well more time to take pictures right, till the sun started coming out and it was totally a new ball game, ladies foundation be rolling down like washed out cement, guys be sweating profusely from every area of their body and by 10:00 am the event started. The corpers like me that were at the back didn’t hear anything and the next thing I saw was, corpers from the front started to sit on the sandy ground, and it continued till it got to the back and camp soldiers started shouting my friend will you sit down, now this was the perfect time to form “faint” and trust my ladies now, they started fainting one after the other till the state coordinator banned people from fainting. lol.

Finally at 1: oo pm we rounded up and we retired to our hostels to continue other activities.

Longest week; week 3 loading… (My birthday week), do not miss how I celebrated my birthday with 3 other birthday mates.

PS; This is not Fiction.

Much love,



''Do more than belong: participate. Do more than believe: practice. Do more than dream: work''

  1. Hello chioma, intoxicating story. Could you share the missing ..?..I would love to know how this played out in details?

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