My oga almost sack me and some corpers today. Why? Na 8:30 and I just dey reach my PPA (For those of you wey no know wetin PPA be, na the office wey NYSC go send you make you go learn work during your service). I suppose don reach office by 8am but appaz, I dey 30mins late today. Actually, no be just today lol.

I for come earlier but as the batch before the batch wey dey before me comot (we been never enter camp yet), the bikers association go double their prices per drop! Normally, any movement na 50 bucks as long as say na inside the community you dey go. But now, even if leg dey pain you and you want make bike carry you from your room door to your compound gate, omo na 100 bucks o! ONE HUNDRED NAIRA PER DROP!!! As recession enter and dollar come rise, everything for here just dey rise! The bikers come talk say the 50 bucks wey dem dey collect no reach their day to day expenses so they come double am!

Ah! I just dey vex! Shey these bikers feel say na only them recession knack? As dem double am now, how many of us go fit dey use bike unto say distance and time? So now, if I get pass two movements (wey be go work, come back) per day, na over N200 I go dey spend? I dey go work four times a week, Monday to Thursday, I go secretariat (e no too far from my house so with beg, them fit collect 70 for guys or 50 for fine babes, that wan na another gist sef!) on Friday, on Saturday, I go branch market, go play ball, chill for my friend place or go find place wey I fit arrange correct babes! On Sunday, I suppose go worship my heavenly father (nobody Holy pass). Na 200 bucks times 7 be that and the total come be 1,400 naira. So 1,400 times 4 for the months wey get four weeks o! e come be  4,800! HOW MUSH BE ALLAWEE?!! HOW MUSH GO COME REMAIN?!! And I go still pay tithe o! And I still need to send something to my younger ones wey dey house!

Taxi, bus, napep and private jet no come dey the community so the okada people no get competiton. Whatever the bikers say na final!

You go think say my office people go get church mind on top the matter. For where? Nobody for my office wan hear that wan o! You must resume 8am and close by 4 or 5pm. To make matters worse, Oga office dey road and em window dey always dey open so the only way you fit dodge am na to crawl under em window. When I no be tiff?? Lol. Sometimes sef we dey close by 7 because my PPA get one PUSH TO START (aka PUSH MAKE I START) office vehicle 2027 latest model, wey dey go drop you for your house if you close late. But how many times person wan close by 7 because of free transport? Even the PPA sef, how much them dey pay and how often them dey pay? State allawee nko? That one na voicemail! But wetin man go do? If you fit survive for this Naija, you go fit survive anywhere for this world! I tell you.

Make I just dey pray for my country and my PPA. Other PPAs wey dey pay better money no get two heads. If my country begin get better leadership and things start to dey run smoothly, them fit double allawee! I no go dey serve by then, but at least, those corpers that time and the remaining ones no go need go through this hardship.

Adura ni kan lo le se!

I need to even text my babe to know if she go come today, she dey hardly show face. I no fit blame am, e no dey easy to trek come, chop garri or noodles, come trek go back. I just hope say she no go start to dey look outside o!

E don do. Make I continue my work and shut my mouth before my oga enter catch me and start part two of the vexing and insult.

Corpers Wee!

God bless Nigeria!

God bless her Youth Corpers!

God bless TCD!

Na who write the tori? Na Eromz Adene o! Latey Latey Comer!

Na who confirm the story? Na em fellow late comers o lol! Dem be Oladiji-Wusu Edememe, Chioma Ezekwesili and CEO Onomene Couture. Una thank you!

© 2018 Adene Eromosele Peter

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