Where is my Bag?

There was much excitement in my heart as I travelled to Lagos state for the first time, I couldn’t wait to see the most talked about beach, the cheap market, the celebrities, the events etc. My excitement knew no bounds. I got dropped off at the bus park in Abuja, with my mother and sister. Our journey started by 6:30 am and we started moving, I was told the journey was a long one so I prepared my sleep bag and ”ready to eat” snacks.

By 3:00 pm my butt started to ache, my legs swole up, my face and eyes were red from oversleeping and I heard we still had 4 hours more, I knew that from that day I shall never do bus ride to Lagos ever again.


We got into Lagos at around 6:45 pm and we got down and had to wait for another 1hour 30 mins as my cousin that was meant to pick us was stuck in traffic and we had to sit at the park and wait with about 4 luggage and I rough the rumored ‘touts’, having red eyes, black lips, cracked feets and bare chest, shouting in their husk voice “Mushin” “Ikeja” “Lawson” etc. I only wish I could send a “VN” of how they sound. (Lagos people will understand better)

He finally arrived and we got home and just dived into my bed and slept.


The next day we planned to visit the most talked about “Balogun Market” for shopping and with so much joy in my heart, I took my sling bag and headed out with my sister and we started walking towards the park and we walked and walked and I had to ask myself “Is this how life in Lagos is?” and the sun wasn’t doing any favors.

We just to the park and we entered and sat down, the conductor asks “front, your Money?” and I stopped talking with my sister to pay him and my brain was trying to boot Where is my Bag?. And I hear shouts aunty na in a deep more husky voice “Where is your Money?” (In his local dialect) and it dawned on me that my bag has been cut from my shoulder as I was entering the bus and my money for the market was gone.

Thank God my sister had money, she paid and we left for the market and throughout our ride, all I could think of was how I was going to even buy 1 pant talkless of clothes, I was sad.


This is my Nigerian Experience, What is Yours?


Much Love



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