Yet in Nigeria

Where do I turn to?

On each side are killings, slaughtering, butchering and massacres

I am scared to leave my house because I might not return

I think of running, of leaving this contraption of a country

But what would my fate be? Is it truly greener on the other side?

Then I think to myself, if everyone leaves, who then will remain?

The wicked, the corrupt, the evil masterminds?

The innocent cry, everybody seems deaf. The wicked shout, and everybody leaps

The country belongs to the 160+ millions of us, yet only more or less a thousand control it.

We envy the Europeans, the Asians and even our neighbours, but are we ready to work?

Green says prosperity, white says peace, we are still yet to see it or maybe we have but people have hidden it from the masses.

Why do we sit at home and complain? Why don’t we vote, why don’t we try to make a change?

We say politics is a dirty game, yet no one is willing to clean.

The country belongs to us all, no region supersedes the other.

Leave the leaders of old who have failed past and present.

Nothing can help, nobody but; US.

We were told as children that we are the leaders of tomorrow. Tomorrow never seems to come.

Waiting for those in power hasn’t changed anything.

It may sound cliché but we need to change from within, do what is right and just

Be leaders by serving everywhere we find ourselves

Serving despite tribe, ethnicity and religion.

Then maybe, just maybe, we can find a new reality.

God heal our land and comfort the families of the departed.



Editor; @smokeydoherty


''Do more than belong: participate. Do more than believe: practice. Do more than dream: work''

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  1. It’s a wonderful poem (I guess it’s a poem) that outlines all that’s going on in the nation although if you’d ask me, if leaving the nation would leave behind just the corrupt and evil minded, it’d be an option worth taking. I say a big Amen to your closing note, “God heal our Land”

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