2017 gratitude; looking forward to 2018

Last year was nothing short of awesome, it had its good days, bad days, worse days but hey! I am alive that what matters right? When there is life, there is hope so ladies and gentlemen do not beat yourself up that 2017 didn’t yield results or didn’t work as planned. pray hard, work harder and everything will fall into place.

So this was my 2017 in a nutshell, I left the NYSC camp and was posted somewhere for my primary assignment and at first I actually thought this was it, I will work for at least 2-3 years before I go for my masters in the place (sorry I can’t call names) and then I realised all that glitters is not gold and everything I already imagine about this place was totally the opposite and from April I was already doing countdown to leave and the sad thing was that I worked so hard for very little pay.

One day out of the blues I got fired now I don’t know how it’s done in some PPAs but I doubt firing a corper is not part of the federal government plan when you are doing you youth service. This totally made me angry because I know I gave my 110%, still got crappy pay and still got fired but oh well when one door closes another opens.

The open door was to start my blog, many of you know me and how much I love fashion and style, instead of being at home doing nothing I decided to learn a skill which was writing, now I am not so much of an “English” fan, it was even my worse subject in school but sometimes you have to do the extra to get what you want.

In July, my blog was officially launched after so many starts and stop, but this one is here to stay. I got 2 more job offers and I started working again. I started a ministry class at my church that took 24 weeks whew! I was glad I completed that. I travelled to a few places, made new friends, meet new bloggers (this was my highlight).

December, I had my birthday celebrated looking for fuel in Abuja, but still had a good day thanks to a friend that was with me hustling fuel lol. On the 25th, I got a news I had lost a friend I made at the beginning of the year and this hit me so hard that I had shed tears for a full day but I know he is in a better place because he loved and served God tirelessly.

And on the 31st of December, I crossed over into 2018 like a champion that I am. Thank God for an awesome 2017 and thank you for always reading commenting, supporting etc. this blog will not have been possible without God and you guys. Cheers to bigger and better testimonies

Have a blessed 2018

Much Love,



''Do more than belong: participate. Do more than believe: practice. Do more than dream: work''


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