Dare to be Different

Do you ever feel you are doing the same thing over and over again? Do you feel stuck in a certain position and do not seem to find or understand how to move further? Well, I think I got the “almost” perfect remedy.

But before we continue let’s take a minute and talk about my outfit of the day. Sometimes, I get stuck on how to pair them but this time around I dared to try stripes with stripes. Now, it came out perfect and I will love to share my tips in pairing stripes with stripes; first ensure the patterns or stripes are of almost the same pattern, even if you are trying different patterns make sure that one supersedes the other so it balances out.

Secondly, make sure your makeup and accessories are kept very simple as your outfit is already making all the noise necessary. If possible, make sure you have a hairdo kept short or packed up as to focus attention on your face and not distract the cloth pattern.

Third and final tip for me, keep a smile, raise your shoulders high. In wearing such patterns make sure you have the widest smile and you aren’t having sloppy shoulders because you have to carry such outfit with grace and class.

This outfit was my “ dare to be different ” outfit, in life so many things are thrown at us and most times we get overwhelmed and do not know how to handle it but the first thing you need to do is write all troubling you in or issues you might be having.

Secondly, I always believe there is nothing God cannot do for us to commit it to prayers, and just be calm knowing God gat you. Thirdly, take a step of faith and do things differently, now you have tried things in a certain way that you are used to and are probably scared to try a different method not knowing the outcome. If Thomas Edison didn’t try 99 times, we will never know how long it will take for us to enjoy electricity.

Finally, do not follow the crowd, be your own person, most times all you need to make it in life is just you and God. Take heed today and dare to be different.

Much Love,


''Do more than belong: participate. Do more than believe: practice. Do more than dream: work''


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