Hello world!

Over the years, I have been trying to start a blog but I guess finally I did, so first advice; if you want to do something do not procrastinate and just do it and God will see you through.
So basically, this blog is going to be about fashion, how to dress on a budget, a series about “Being Nigerian” (I welcome Nigerian writers to join me) and lifestyle (travel, food, exercise) etc
Now we gonna start with an introduction…
I am Chioma Ezekwesili, the first of four children and a Graduate of Babcock University, I studied Public Health… During my days in school, I was the Vice President of Babcock University Students Association.. hehehehe for the whole school.. it was stressful but it was exciting and I learnt a lot about humans and how much you can not please everyone but you can sure make most people comfortable enough.
I am a lover of fashion and food, people always ask why am I not fat? but exercise is the way forward. I am very reserved, I love to listen and articulate before talking.. ‘think before you talk’. I usually play games (used to be a tomboy) but too many lesbians on my case had to stop.. but I guess fashion (my new love) found me.
Let me not bore you, We will learn more about ourselves as time goes on.
Finally, I am a lover of God, My family and friends.
Feel free to drop comments and ask any question you need to know about me….
with much love
YhitsChioma <3

''Do more than belong: participate. Do more than believe: practice. Do more than dream: work''

  1. Chioma, congratulations! My interest here is your fashion posts. I don’t need a prophet or prophetess to tell me that, you are indeed, a fashion freak. Thumb up!

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