Travel Struggle

CHIOMA! CHIOMA!! CHIOMA!!! Mum shouts, “YES MUM” I reply, Where are you? If we miss our flight, you will refund back my money oh, I don’t know what you have been doing since I told you to pack.

Who else goes through this? After rushing, trying to organize yourself, you might still forget something?

Car speeding to the airport, I check my bag to take that iconic travelling selfie and my phone is not in my bag, “mini heart attack” sets in, how do I tell my father and mother to drive back, so I can get my phone, or do I just leave it at home and forsake taking selfies throughout my 1 month journey, thoughts running to and fro, suddenly, “errm daddy I left my phone at home” I said, and the shout gets out of the rooftop but thankfully he makes a sharp u-turn and head back home, getting home, mum says; so Chioma check on top of my room table for my phone also. Lol. I guess rushing to travel is just not a good idea. This is a true story!.

I have few tricks to enable a cool and calm journey;

First, plan your trip, this cannot be overemphasized, at least up to the fortnight left for our trips, we know where and when our journey is going to be, means of transportation and how long we are going to be there for. So start packing the essentials you might need, everybody should have a travel pack of an extra toothbrush, toothpaste, bathing soap, sleepwear so least your bathing and sleeping is covered.

If it’s for a wedding, party, business trip any occasion that requires a special outfit, it should be ready at least a week before the travel and properly packed.

Footwear needed for the journey should be packed also, DO NOT forget to leave a comfortable footwear for your journey especially if it’s a long one, my slides works best for me.

Furthermore, a week to the journey cross check your checklist that you have all travel documents packed in your hand luggage, which can be easily accessible upon request. 2-3 days of the journey, other clothes, undergarments and extra accessories like perfume, pieces of jewelry etc. should be packed. For those that like to travel with soup, stew, cooking ingredients especially for those we going to visit, a night before, a checklist should be made on what you need to travel with and arranged where it can be easily packed in the bags the next day (for those that still need to be frozen) others that do not need to be frozen should be packed.

GET SOME SLEEP! EARLY! Set an alarm to wake up early, especially for early bus trips or flights

On the day of the journey, first pray, then put all your phones, gadgets needed for your journey plus its charger into your handbag (ladies) or place it beside your travel box (especially for the guys that rarely carry hand luggage.

Ladies once you have showered, do very light makeup, you don’t want it to wash off because of sweat and stress at the airport and end up looking scary with badly washed makeup. Then pack only the necessary makeup for the journey, no need carrying your box and you will not need it.

Get your checklist and make sure all needed for the journey is ticked and packed (double check if there is still time). Upon leaving the house make sure all travel documents are with you and easily accessible, your phone and its charger are with you, and the number of your pickup at the destination is going through and available for you.


And you are all set to go.

Have a pleasant journey, take lots of pictures and look fab!

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