90’s Inspired – Palazzo

I have found a new love in the fashion, which is the Palazzo, this pants have basically been there from the 90s but comes and goes in style trend, people find ways to style it. Some do it perfectly, while some outrightly just fail.

People tend to ask me where I buy most of my clothes from, I’d tell you what I tell them ‘Balogun Market’ Lagos, Nigeria. The market is so big, I missed my way twice since I have been there, they are everything you can think of, that’s where most people that sell in Abuja go to buy in stock, if you are lazy or you don’t feel comfortable to go yourself, holla at me lets discuss.

Interestingly, this palazzo can be worn to work, outing with friends, church, (that if your church permits trousers) etc. it basically versatile, you just have to style them properly.

In styling for work, you would want to look corporate and not sloppy, so tips in dressing for work are:

  • Make sure the waist is your perfect size to avoid putting on a belt and adjusting it, if too tight, the pants ripples.
  • Wear a very light inner top, preferably a chiffon top, that you can easily wear out without blazer if you are hot and can, thirdly, throw on a blazer, to give it that extra corporate look (not; everybody needs a blazer)
  • Wear a comfortable heel or stylish flats

Furthermore, when going out with friends,

  • You will like to wear a nice crop top (based on your level of comfort), which could be paired with a moderately sized belt or without (but make sure the waist fits perfectly).
  • Try throwing on a nice patterned kimono jacket (make sure the palazzo pants and top have no pattern).
  • Going to the beach or park? Throw on a nice sun/beach hat.
  • Depending on the occasion, if it’s a dinner, wear comfortable heels, if it’s a casual outing simple pair of outing sandals will do.

Photo from www.alexislookbook.com; check out her blog

When styling for a church, you want to be modest, so a nice stylish blouse that covers up properly and should be worn with a pair of comfortable heels and you are good to go!


Palazzo- Balogun Market

Shoes – Aliexpress

Tops- Balogun Market

Pieces of jewelry – Mom’s Closet

So in style, you want to change things up, throw on a hat, sunglasses etc. you can be boring, but your style shouldn’t.


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