An outfit; 3 ways

Have you ever had an outfit and you want to just change up the look just a little? That’s what happened here. This outfit was an inspiration to just knowing there are so many ways to go about something and every which way comes out nice.

So for the first look, I decided to go with the classic free sleeveless lace shirt and trousers with flat sandals, this is an extremely casual look that works best when you want to see a movie or have a barbeque get together with friends or family. The sleeveless ness of the top, allowing the skin to show and the hair laid all back giving a little bit of sexy yet classy vibe to the outfit. Then the sandals for comfort and ability to stand for a long time and walk around freely without having to feel feet ache.

For the second look, still from the first outfit, I decided to switch things up with heels, and I decided to throw on an extra-large kimono jacket and decided to lay my hair back and pack it with a band so attention is drawn to my face. so with this outfit, you can go for almost everything, like a family get together (indoors, family thanksgiving etc), friends outing, a birthday lunch and even a first date with a guy.

I love this look because it is simple and comfortable if you are a pro on heels sha, the trousers have an elastic band that holds your waist and gives an illusion of it being small. The shirt is lace-like and a size bigger than my regular size so when tucked in, it seats well inside the trousers and gives an illusion of a figure 8 shape but I still have figure 8 shape sha.

For the third and final look, which is my absolute best, because who doesn’t love sneakers yeah, with the fashion world evolving, sneakers have been paired with almost anything, even prom dresses. The simplicity of sneakers is what makes it versatile.

So for this look, I decided to fly my top over the trousers with a white patterned somewhat fitted kimono, with my hair loosed free from the band. This looks serves everything casual, friend outing, movies, a get together with friends and family, or even a casually organized event.

All the above outfits were paired with a simple necklace and long drop pair of earrings. So keeping jewellery simple is key.



''Do more than belong: participate. Do more than believe: practice. Do more than dream: work''

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