Black is the old black

Black is not just a colour, it’s an attitude and you need to work that attitude right. Here are just 5 basic tips on wearing black;

  1. Let your accessories speak for you; pieces of jewellery, shoes, bag, scarfs, hat etc. all have a voice, so in wearing black make sure they speak classy not trashy. Prints and patterns are usually go-to or easy but if you want to make a loud statement, do a loud colour or metallic accessories.
  2. A good makeup makes a better black up; makeup has a way of just making the facelift up and just brighten up. The blackness of black, lol, drives attention your face and you wouldn’t want to have a dull face. If you aren’t a fan of make-up and more of a natural look, try lip-gloss, a simple pair of earrings (if you wear), a nice turban or scarf as said in point 1 could also do the makeup trick. There are some days that make-up aren’t your thing that day and your mood just reads black, well use a patterned or coloured scarf to brighten things up a bit.

Ignore the boning face, lol, focus on makeup and accessories

  1. All black serves black better; all black is usually categorized as mourning. However, you can still slay in all black and not look like you are mourning. Make sure the black is sitting comfortably on you, heels always make everything look better, so try a black heel with gold, silver or metallic embellishment. Big black bags, to me, do not go so well in wearing all black, try a clutch size black bag with sequins.


  1. Know your black; different black outfit for different occasions, a little black dress could go for a walk in the beach, movies, date night. A black t-shirt with black jean or pants could do a casual get together with friends, boat riding, hiking, bungee jumping. A leather black is more daring giving this “biker” look, so places like fashion events, photoshoot or a winter/cold day stroll.

NB; do not wear black to a wedding except stated otherwise on the invitation.

  1. A smile is contagious; always wear a smile, it changes the whole look. No matter what you may be going through, just be brave and put on the widest smile. The problems might not all just go away but smiling in the midst of adversity gives you an upper hand already. SMILE; you are alive.


I hope these few tips and other personal tips will guide to slaying in black effortlessly.

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