Blue Flames or Green Light

Let’s just say I do not know how to start this post, lol, so most of you reading this already know my slay days are usually Sundays, well that’s the only day in the week I can afford to do make-up.

I love dresses, they always have this chic look to it, especially the ones that are just slightly above your knee, so for my post today I cannot seem to find which is my best, let’s start with the blue;

This dress is sorta a 90s look, with the sequence bell sleeve paired with a double strap black sandals. The versatility of the dress is just what I love most; can be worn to church, dinner with bae, office dinner, dinner issh events and a lunch date maybe.

I love the simple yet chic look of this dress and well the royal blue colour just made it just perfect for me.


Now, to this Christmas green colour beauty, this dress was given to me by the most wonderful person in the world; my sister, do not mind me, I stole it from her closet wink. This dress like the “blue flame” is one that is chic as ever with long bell sleeves, slightly above the knee.

Therefore, pairing this dress was so exciting as I wanted to do brown accessories; laced brown sandals and large brown bag. Just because of the high neck of the dress I just added a little brooch instead of a necklace. Sometimes use a brooch to accessorize your cloth instead of necklace especially if your neck is not exposed to the cloth.

Instead of black, brown is another shade that brings out the beauty of an outfit. So be sure to own some brown, black and nude accessories especially when you do not feel like playing with colours that day.

Do not forget to be comfortable in your outfit, having said that vote your best look or which you will feel more comfortable in  blue flame or green light


Much Love



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  1. the blue looks Wonder on you it looks very beautiful on you. mehn I’ve no comments on it.
    the green with the bag and shows makes you look like a thick boss and thick lady. you wonderful and they bring out your beauty in full

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