Chioma’s Style Crush #1

Hey! Hey! Hey!, so guys how are we doing today? well, today is just going beautifully, thank God. So I intend starting a series called “Chioma’s Style Crush” #CSC. This series is basically to shine some light on a few “non-celebrity” persons with amazing style sense both on my Instagram and on my blog and this will be done every fortnight or monthly, still yet to decide.

So, today’s Chioma’s Style Crush goes to a lady with a high style taste in tomboy fashion, now tomboy fashion is one that most people try to do but end up making it a disaster on their body but this lady, my oh my, makes it work every time.

She started off while she was in University/College when she found out that she was more comfortable dressing as a tomboy than in “LBD” as she calls it, which is known as a little black dress. Out of her passion for the tomboy fashion was birthed her blog called The XY Fashion which launched around this time last year and so far her style has been out of this world.

We’re living in a world where Fashion knows no gender limits.
We live by the trend “Comfortable Clothes Only”.
I represent the girls who feel more confident in Jeans and a t-shirt with a pair of  sneakers over an LBD (Little Black Dress).
Too many females struggle with dressing up the perfect moderation of tomboy; Its like every tomboy goes through that “I’m not trying to go all masculine but at the same time I just want to be comfortable in what i’m wearing” situation. I still struggle with that sometimes, and in that struggle; The XY was created.

The XY defines an incorporation of the Masculine and the Feminine…acknowledging that the masculine trait dominates.
The XY is fashion without gender limits!
The XY is Brogues over Heels!
The XY is the birth of Tomboy Fashion!

Joy Esin

Here are a few styles of her I am totally in love with;

The above picture is just a simple everyday look, but not everyone can pull it off

This lady is a lover of sneakers, having different ones for different looks- nice

Now the above looks are my personal favourites as they are ones that can be worn on official occasions like work, or meetings.

This lady is daring in her style, taking tomboy fashion to a whole new level and that’s why she is Chioma’s Style Crush.  Her name, Joy Esin, and today doubles as her birthday too, so kindly tell me what you think about her fashion sense and do not forget to wish her a happy birthday too. Also, visit her blog, hyperlink above.





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