Chioma’s Style Crush

Hi guys,

So I decided to do this quarterly and seeing the first quarter of 2018 is gone, I am here to announce my style crush is !!! Serbia Wilson!!!. This girl style is the bomb Diggy, like what? Her style isn’t the regular shirt and skirt, her style is undefinably different and out of the box kind of style. First, let’s start with her hairstyles, Serbia doesn’t follow the norm, she likes to take things a notch higher and trust me they suit her just perfectly. Her style has taught me that

sometimes you don’t have to do what everyone does, find what works for you and stick to it.

Secondly, this lady is all shades of unique and daring with her styling and photography concept. Who takes pictures close to a dumb? Serbia Wilson and trust me she makes it work, I always wonder how because I have tried and I just end up looking like I am begging for food or something lol. Her accessories just complete her look, she is the only person that can make a bag made with basket stick work like a Gucci bag.


In a world, where everyone is trying to fit into the trends and norms, Serbia Wilson creates her own trend and walks like a queen on it.

Lesson learnt; find your path and walk in it.

Thirdly, she keeps everything she does on a 100, I had the opportunity to meet her in one of my visits to Lagos and she is down to earth and very playful however she is an entrepreneur with a first class business mind, she owns an online thrift store and head event planner and CEO of summer fiesta. So if you happen to be in Lagos in August, attend the summer fiesta, because I will be there too.

Finally, if you notice, her makeup is always minimal and that is what I think I love most about her sense of style, with the heat of Lagos, you would want to try less makeup and more dress up (this shifts attention from your face to your outfit).

What do you think about her style? What do you like most about her style? Please leave your comments below :*. Next style crush episode comes up in June 😀 kindly drop in the comment box below, whose style do you think I should be on the lookout for.


Much Love,




''Do more than belong: participate. Do more than believe: practice. Do more than dream: work''


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