Confidence In Red

Hey, Everyone!!!

Hope you enjoyed the much-needed weekend and most importantly, I hope you got Sallah Meat from your Muslim friends?. I didn’t get any; I guess it’s time to reevaluate my friendship with some of you. (You know yourselves.) As for what I did this weekend. Well, I was turning up in my bed on Friday, the turn up continued till Saturday, Went to church on Sunday and on Monday supported a friend at the Abuja 500 to assist with her 23Latte Yogurt-Hey! Chinenye Willie-Nwobu.

Sunday was one of those days that Jesus had to take the wheel with what I will wear; yes! I have those days too. To cut the long story short,

I opted for;

A plain white corporate shirt NGN1000

Black Work pants NGN1000

Burgundy heels. NGN4000

I felt something was missing in the mix, so I decided to throw in a pop of colour and what better colour than the colour Red which signifies confidence.

(Red signifies a whole lot to different people but to me, it signifies the blood of Christ that was shed for all of us and this is why it remains my best colour till forever.)

ps: forget the girl in the background

Blazer- NGN1500

I couldn’t help but notice that I had an Aura of confidence and I can only attribute it to my Red Blazer. Going into this week, I encourage you to throw in a dash of confidence into your outfit and be unapologetic in whatever you do. Make a conscious effort to look how you want to feel and get through the week feeling powerful, confident and a conqueror.

Do let me know what you were up to the week and what your thoughts are on dressing with confidence.


''Do more than belong: participate. Do more than believe: practice. Do more than dream: work''

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