Dress to “Church” Not ”Club”

Over the years, different churches have sprung up in Nigeria with different dress codes. Some say “do not wear trousers”, “cover your hair” (ladies most especially) etc. This, however, has somewhat helped to keep in check how people dress to church, especially the ladies. But more “Modern Day” churches have also come up with the concept of having people wear whatever they want, after all, it’s their ‘Fathers House’. But people have abused this privilege and now wear anything to their places of worship.

So take, for example, you’re invited to the white house to have a talk with President Donald Trump, how will you dress? Your best? DUH!! Some people might even go do some more shopping to buy the best of the best in the market. People like me that shop in Balogun market, Lagos Nigeria will order clothes from Versace or Gucci just to impress. Who are we impressing? MAN.

If we can go through all these hassles just for a “Human Being”, how much more Our Creator. Muslims are usually always covered when going to pray but Christians abuse the fact that you can wear anything (in some Churches).

Ladies and gentlemen dress smartly when going to church; if possible, have what people call “Church Clothes” set aside for just service.

Ladies, nobody really wants to see your cleavage, thighs, excessive back etc. exposed. It could be appropriate for an outing but not a place of worship because it’s trending and you want to show off your latest outfits. Save them for your movie day or outings with friends. Dress well, so that you don’t cause someone to sin trying to take his or her eyes off you. Gentlemen, please do not dress like you are going to a Lil Wayne’s concert – it could be very distracting seeing sagging ripped jeans in a solemn place of worship.

Personally, I don’t think it’s nice for men to wear shorts to church; but hey!! Wear what you have, but be smart. You can’t tell who you will come across dressed the way you are.

As they say “Dress the way you want to be Addressed”.





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  1. Nice article…Lovely start. Maybe in another article you’d want to encourage people to always dress decently and appropriately irrespective of where they are headed like your closing remark reiterated. At some point in your article it seemed like you cared only about how we dress to church. The scope of this could be wider if u ask me. But anyway, you make a very valid point and you had a great analogy to go with it…Loved it!

  2. The way we dress tells alot about us. Most people fail to realize that body language is more powerful than verbal language. Not only in church, we should learn to dress decietly

    1. Thank you very much. Very true we need to dress decently everywhere but sadly people are bringing the indecency to place of worship.. but there will be more on decent dressing and style

  3. The way some ladies dress to church… it gets me wondering if they were sent to distract and confuse focused persons like me or the pastor. acting slay queen in the church, who are they even trying to slay his destiny… U can’t see me #John Cena

  4. This is a great start. You brought out important points to take note in our dressing to church. Just to echo what the other readers said, you could still expand the scope of the appropriateness of our dressing beyond the places of worship. Our first impression of appearance might be our only impression. I also like the fact that the post is not lengthy. Fantastic read!

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