The Fashion Family- #NoParentsInvolved

Fashion and style is something that is not only a “me” thing but also a thing of the siblings well starting from me of course, then everybody just followed suit. So this post is dedicated to my siblings alone, well my parents dress but they just wear cloth like every other parent however my mum who is the originator of our fashion tries to be stylish but I guess her styles are sorta not so trendy, even if she claims they are lol.

So first of is my immediate younger brother aka the shy quiet one. His name is Bobby or rather everyone just calls him that and it got stuck. His sense of fashion is sorta on a low key level, he just dresses to be simple and sorta does not want the spotlight on him but he still kills it. He is a lover of kaftan material, likes his own styles to be sewn, I guess that’s how he likes it and that is what makes him unique.


Moving to the next person, my lovely and amazing sister, this young lady is an epitome of beauty and charisma both inside and out, she always gets my stunned each time with her fashion and style sense. She loves to look extra with her looks and boy! She is a lover of sunglasses, I think that’s a small part of her confidence when dresses. She doesn’t blow her trumpet-like me on social media when she dresses but her style sense is out of this world! and just in case you don’t know the sister I am talking about, her name is Netochukwu aka Nehtoe (as she spells it)


To the baby of the house, sometimes I wonder how he grew up so fast but well he has grown into a fine young man that I am proud of. His name, Obinna, he is a lover of blazers, lapel pins, cufflinks, wristwatches (like me) and sunglasses (he claims he is from China so his eyes are small therefore they cannot see the sun). His type of dressing is what he likes to call “CEO look”. It is sharp and daring, as sometimes he likes to play with colours and that what makes his look special.


You already know my style, plus you will learn more as time goes on.

Much Love,





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