Finding Your Sense Of Style

Style is personal. There is no herd to follow. No rules. No Seasons (well in Nigeria, Africa).

Your wardrobe should contain only amazing choices. it is much easier to be inspired when you see five remarkable pieces than when you see 25 pieces and only 2 make sense…

So pick key item and get rid of the rest, even if it is a must-have item of the season, or you spent so much on it, or you wore it every day of your teenage years and can’t bear to part with it, if it doesn’t look good on you anymore it shouldn’t be there.

Start by giving out anything you no longer wear or that doesn’t look good on you anymore.

So there are a few steps to take to understand your sense of style
1. Understand Your Body
Now we have all heard that knowledge is power, so the first thing you need to understand is what kind of body do I have and what works best for my body.

Everyone wants the hourglass kinda body but God has made us differently and we should learn to appreciate it more by taking care of it through eating right and dressing right.

If you understand your body shape and your strengths and weakness in clothes, you can buy the best cloth to either accentuate or camouflage them.

2. Take Plenty Pictures
You all know me and my always “Sunday Slay” well, I have noticed that over the years, the more I take pictures of my outfit the more I understand and know what best suits me and how better I can rock the outfit in a different way than before.

3. Understand Your Personality and Colors
Colors play a vital role in your style and how you feel, trust me… bright colours always have a happy feeling to it.

So if you are the reserved type, try bright colours to help you bring out a fun side of you and also know what best suits your skin colour.

PLEASE don’t be dressing like a clown cause you want to try colours.

4. Keep Pictures Of Styles That Inspire You

Now for me, I follow fashion icons on Instagram and my best is @StylePantry, she’s a Nigerian and her style…. BREATHTAKING!!!..

So I try to get some nice styles of her and recreate a different look from it and not copying it verbatim..


5. Make sure What You Buy Suits You
Now people make this mistake a lot because a friend has it or it is trending you too want to buy, ‘NO’ you can start your own fashion trend, keep to style not trend.

So if it is too big, too short, too tight, etc.. Just leave it and buy something more comfortable… Being stylish is being comfortable…

I hope this was helpful enough




''Do more than belong: participate. Do more than believe: practice. Do more than dream: work''


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