Slay in XY Fashion

Am I the only one that notices that women are getting more comfortable wearing men inspired outfit? Me inclusive. Somehow, the women have pulled the outfit effortlessly. Now, women wear Agbadas, men traditional outfit, oxfords (inspired by men shoe) etc. but I ask which women’s outfit can men wear?

It saddens me to see some ladies try the men’s outfit and just look like they are wearing their father’s unfitted cloth, just looking unkempt and not so presentable. Well, I have a few tips that can help walk in a men’s inspired outfit like a boss.

Firstly, be sure to make sure it is fit to your body, not bodycon and not too big, reasons being because the men wear to fit which is the original style. A bodycon outfit is best when it is spandex, or a material that stretches well or some nice cotton office wears and It being too big will just make you know tacky.

Furthermore, minimal makeup is required, I know most people like a well-baked face but not for this look. The outfit already makes enough statement so why not keep your face simple? Also, fewer pieces of jewellery is a mandate to pull this look, the men’s clothing is mostly round neck shape with a pattern in front, you wouldn’t want to distract the outfit by having long earrings or hoop earrings, necklaces, etc. just keep it simple with a wristwatch, simple bracelet, and stud earrings.

Your shoe speaks for you; most people do not realize that shoes, most times, bring out an outfit. For me, I love to wear heels with my men’s outfit as it gives a classy look to the whole style. Other people could go for some nice oxfords/brogues giving a total XY fashion look. But please, DO NOT wear palms on it; it just doesn’t work for ladies.

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  1. I think it’s great for ladies to put on men’s wear. But I think it doesn’t really fit every lady.

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