Spontaneity in Dressing

Happy New Year!!!

Have you ever been thrown into a mix and all that you had planned previously just doesn’t work as planned then at that spot you have to think on your feet and do things totally different from your initial plans?

During my cousin call to bar, I had initially planned to wear just a dress but somehow no dress what comes to mind, everything in my wardrobe just seemed not to fit the occasion, it was either over-dressed or under-dressed so I just thought of going African since the restaurant (Nkoyo) that was I going to have an African vibe to it.

So, a couple of months before that day, I had sewn a pair of Ankara trousers that was part of my maka eze premiere collection and decided to that maybe I could make it work. After trying, 1001 tops to try with the trouser, the green top that I paired with it was my last-minute choice and it came out perfect, it was simple yet still not under-dressed.

After the lunch, I went to hang out with my boyfriend at the mall and I need to just change the look a little, so I threw on a beret just to give an extra edge. I paired it with a low block heel for comfort and ease to walk freely. If you are going to wear a beret make sure you pick a style that suits your face and make sure it is a colour that contrasts the colour of the outfit but still blends with the outfit properly so you don’t like a traffic warden; like Pink and Green (what I wore for Lagos fashion week or green and red just like the photo of this post.

What do you think about the colours? How do you like to pair your colours? What is your colour palette like?


So when life gives you anything you might not have planned for, just make sure to act spontaneous this new year

Much Love,



''Do more than belong: participate. Do more than believe: practice. Do more than dream: work''


What do you think?

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