Starting the Year with Thanksgiving

2018 is a great year, I know you already feel it but if you don’t well I might just have a remedy that can work for you. 😀

So, like every other year, we (church) started with an awesome 21 days prayer and fasting, which we had to read a book alongside the bible. This is a book I will recommend for everyone, it gives an insight on how to totally surrender to the will of God, and the book is called “brokenness”.

Have you ever started the year with an attitude of praise and a mood of thanksgiving? Do you just always keep asking for God to do something in the year? Basically, we all do that but this year we tried something different in my church and that was to put a praise on every month of the year as an act of faith.

Most times we are lost in always asking God for something that we forget we need a pause a moment and just dance in praise and worship Him for He has been good. Today, I urge you to put a praise on that thing you are believing to happen to you, put on the cloak of Thanksgiving this year, sometimes there might be more downs than ups but in all things give God thanks.

Now to what I wore, we were told to dress really nice but not as nice as we will look in the December thanksgiving and this was sort of a battle but I conquered lol. I decided to go with the “that” year trending chiffon (top and wrapper) popularly called “olekwu”

I have had this olekwu for a while now but never worn, you know those clothes that just sit at the bottom part of your box waiting to be worn? Yes, this is one of it.

So, I did a blue olekwu and a yellow beaded necklace, well you know I like to play with colours and for the accessories, I decided to do a gold strap sandal and a black clutch. This look was the perfect look for me as it was too simple neither too serious. Attending two services that day, I had to tie the wrapper in 2 ways; first is the popular way that some people like theirs which is with a knot in front almost like how the Igbo men tie their wrapper.

I like this style because it allowed my shoe to get some glory too lol. If you know me, you’d know I love my shoes showing in pictures and another I love this style, it’s because it made me look tall 😀

For the second style which was the very popular way of tying wrapper, which in my own opinion fits people that are much taller as it a better look on them (just my theory).

But you be the judge which one do you think is better on me?

PS; Only the living can praise the Lord, therefore, gives thanks to the Lord for He is good and His mercies are forevermore. That is my #monday motivation for you.


Much Love,



''Do more than belong: participate. Do more than believe: practice. Do more than dream: work''

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