Hello everybody, Yh_itsChioma again, lol, anyways how is January coming along? Trust work has started and if you are like me that is not doing the 9-5 kinda work, then just plan for a better 2018.

Oh, you think this post is about the #TheCasuals wedding? Lol nah.

This holiday period there is so much “get together” “hangouts” “parties” etc. and you are sorta confused on what to wear to be trendy and not trashy, so hey! it is just two looks I have for you especially in this harmattan period

For my first look which is the cute denim playsuit paired with sneakers to give it this funky look, I think pairing clothing with sneakers is trending now but guys please trend with sense. I love this look because it is an easy to go look and it is not too short that you butt exposes and ladies note that in slaying this look you need to rub cream to ensure your legs and thighs are not white and dried and you start looking like a white walker.

This playsuit being off shoulder I decided to pack my hair upwards to call attention to the off-shoulder. NB; if you are short-medium height, packing your hair upstairs and showing off your neck is one to makes you look kinda taller.

Now for this second look, decided to do a bright colour; yellow and why I chose this look is because bright colours just get peoples’ attention so this look is good for an afternoon hangout or evening out with the clique. I love the simplicity of this look, I decided to wear my hair down just for fun though.

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This trouser is sorta a legging-joggers kinda trouser, it is soft and not too tight on the body though it gives the illusion of being tight. So if you are one that gets tired of jeans or skinnies because its too tight then these pair of trousers are the best.


''Do more than belong: participate. Do more than believe: practice. Do more than dream: work''

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