Wearing Pantyhose

Hey, Ladies

Want to add spice and everything nice to your dress? Wear a pantyhose, I actually love this piece as it gives a nice sexy look to the outfit especially when paired with a fitted dress or skirt.

People wear hose for a different reason but I the hose is to add coverage to my outfit especially when I feel it’s too short.


Try to stay on flats or low heel when wearing hose, as you don’t want to be looking like a stripper if you wear heels of 3 inches and above. Very high heels make the dress or skirt look shorter (except you are vying for that type of look)

Stay away from Net pantyhose, to me, they are not classy and quite trashy. It gives the appeal of a sex worker, except the dress or skirt is below your knee then the net hose is pardonable. You want to make an impression wherever you go to and you don’t want to be looked upon as a sex worker.

If the hose is a patterned one, keep the dress or skirt simple (without a pattern) so it blends perfectly, but if the hose is plain then you will like to try a floral or any other patterned dress or skirt.

So just note in wearing pantyhose, you want to keep your accessories simple and sweet. So do you like pantyhose? So you wear pantyhose? What is the best way you pair yours?

My first look is sorta the old school look; a checked dress with pantyhose paired with a 3-inch pink heel and a little afro for that old school kick.


The second look is the all-black look (read how to style an all-black attire effortlessly); this is a plain bodied dress with patterned pantyhose with a 2-inch heel.

Which would you rock and why?

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