10 essential ways to plan a successful week

Hello my lovelies, I trust our weekend was good and you had enough rest to prepare for this week, sometimes to prepare for the week can be a bit daunting and de-motivating but we all need to make name for ourselvs and invovles a whole lot of work.

Here are just a few tips for you in planning your week.

  • Get an early start; most people spend most of their early hours on phone which truly to me is a bad habit. An average wake up time for people is around 5-6 am and till 7.30 when it is time to prepare for work then they drop their phone. Why not try praying when you wake up, do your devotions, exercise a little, have breakfast and draft a mini plan for your day, it helps to know what plans are set for the day.
  • Picture the desired result; everyone I believe imagines how their day should start and end, with setting plans for your day, you will be able to meet up with desired goals and objectives of that day.
  • Prioritize healthy habits; This here is my absolute favourite, your health is wealth, so what you eat, drink, etc tells on your body. Plan at least 10 mins exercise in the morning, take walks during lunch hours, have healthy snacks like apples packed in your lunch bag, try as much as possible not to eat fast food (if possible cook from home). Take in more protein (repairs worn out tissues) and less carbohydrate.
  • Select your top 3; Most people have things or activities that are their priorities in life, for me it is fashion, blogging then, my online restaurant and every day what I do or don’t do is mainly to shape the 3 of them to be a global brand.
  • Get to work; DO NOT BE LAZY, even if you do not have a 9-5 kinda work, ensure you are always keeping busy with something productive that will build you. For example, you can learn something you are passionate about. I started my fashion school in the 2 quarter of the year and I am better each day. So do not give an excuse of “no work”, head out there and create something for yourself.
  • Plan for tomorrow; As much as tomorrow may seem uncertain, there are a few activities that you must have lined up in your head. So write or type it out somewhere, so you can easily follow the plan. Allocate time for unforeseen circumstances, as they might arise.
  • Practice Gratitude; There is so much to be grateful for, you reading this means you are alive and well. All may not seem to be going as planned but when there is life, there is hope right?. Reflect on the good times and be grateful because truth be told, you are not where you used to be and where you are is not where you’d be. You have greater heights to attain.
  • Unplug; this is very important because you need quality time with yourself either to see a movie or read a book. Your loved ones and friends around you also need to feel you around, so take out time, hang out, laugh, gist and just use this as a detox for the bad or sad moment you have had before you met them (loved ones and friends)
  • QUALITY SLEEP; For some weird reason, people like to be up till like 1 am – 3 am. It is not as if they are working, reading, doing something productive but they are on social media, playing games, making calls etc and truly it is not good for your health. A minimum of 6hours of sleep is needed for your body to rest and replenish lost strength from the day’s activity. Even if you have to work late night, make sure it is not every day and if it beyond your power and has to be every night, make up for your sleep during the day for at least an hour.

''Do more than belong: participate. Do more than believe: practice. Do more than dream: work''


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