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I know, I know, it has been a while and you miss me, well I miss me too, so many things have been happening and I am trying my best to balance it out but I promise to always have at least one blog post each week and guess what; I am starting my vlog soon :D. Yay!!!!.

Who has gone to a bloggers meet-up before? Well, last week Saturday was my first time ever and I was elated because I was going to meet like minds, people that have been in the blogging biz longer than I was, learn one or two from them and also connect with new bloggers like myself with the aim of cooking a totally awesome collaboration with you guys. :D.

Then, what to wear was a battle, I wanted to look like a fashion blogger that I am and also not call so much attention to myself, I was in dilemma of either a dress, jeans and shirt, or skirt. After trying half of the clothes in my wardrobe, eureka!! I finally got it.

I opted for a mono strap shirt paired with ripped jeans and a red studded beret, with brown boot sandals, this was my final look because it was the chicest and most comfortable outfit I had tried on though I was very conscious of how my arms looked in it, hey pictures came out nice.

I got to the event at the nick of time, the first speaker spoke about Keeping Yourself Real and YOUR FOLLOWERS ORGANIC, I still don’t understand the logic behind buying followers, maybe you reading can explain in the comments section. The second speaker highlights were; NEVER GIVING UP while the third speaker (my friend :D) spoke on CREATIVITY, CONSISTENCY AND COLLABORATION as one of her success tips to blogging. The above point was the little I took home with adding to experiences I had already acquired in the past year.

After the whole talk, it was time for pictures 😀 you know that’s my best time; here are a couple of them below (if you see yourself leave a comment) 😀


If you are a blogger reading this, find time to re-strategize your blog and where it’s heading, be creative about your posts and also try and reach out to other bloggers and work/collaborate with them.


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''Do more than belong: participate. Do more than believe: practice. Do more than dream: work''

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