An Open Letter To My Friends; Part 1

True Friendship is not about who you have known the longest but about who have walked with you in good and bad times saying I am here for you and proves it.

I have been so fortunate to be blessed with the best girls ever, and their impact in my life is one that has kept me closer to God, resilient to achieving my dreams and loving people unconditionally just as Christ intended. So this post is a thank you letter to them.

To my Sisters Forever;

Taye Fashina; The comedian of the pack, the always happy one, tiny rat as I call you but now you have grown and blossomed into a beautiful smart young lady. I am so blessed to have you in my life, every day with you is one full with so much laughter and joy. I met you in Junior Secondary School 2 (2005) and from the moment you walked into class I knew you were the one for me lol, you have been a pillar of support even in trying times. I remember the time I slapped you when I was really mad at someone that stole my money and I wanted swear for the person, but after the slap, you still held me tight and hugged me, my heart melted.

I really appreciate all you have done and are doing for me, I don’t have the best gift in the world to give you but God Almighty has blessed you and will continue blessing you for me. I love you, Taye Omotayo Fashina, you are a shining star, which the world will see and your light will never go dim.


Kehinde Fashina; The reserved, prim, proper one. The one with the largest heart and biggest smile. Your aura is so beautiful that it is infectious. You were the one I invited to sit with me when you and your sister walked into the class and your first words were; Are you the class captain? And I laughed so hard we clicked instantly. Every day from that day until we graduated from secondary school, we (Taye, You and I) were always together. You are a gift no amount of money can buy. You started your blog and girllllllll, I am so happy you did discoverkhennie. is going places, the world needs to discover how totally awesome you are and they will.

I appreciate your every moment and impact in my life. Even when we (Taye, You and I) were apart because of university, we still never were are apart in our hearts. I love you from the very top to depths of my heart, Kehinde Omotola Fashina, you are limitless, a force the world cannot reckon with, keep doing you hunny.


Chinenye Willie-Nwobu; The Americana, the one and only drama Queen, the giver, the one with the heart of Christ, my amala hangout buddy. You are just a bundle of joy. I remember when I and the twins had to do extra lessons in 2010 and we met you, you were so jovial and we instantly all be became friends and we have been inseparable ever since. You have been the one drawing me closer to God with not only your words but with your actions. You started your own homemade yoghurt 23latte and truth be told, I always want to come to your house for free yoghurt lol, what are friends for right?.

You are a beautiful soul inside and out. I always look forward to your calls where you gist me either about your amazing parents or your ever charming boyfriend or even the stress NYSC lol . you are blessed beyond what your mind can imagine. God is taking you to greater heights, I just hope you’re prepared. I love you, Chinenye Precious Willie-Nwobu, you are favoured by the Lord, never change who you are because you are wonderfully made.

With so much Love,

Your ever timely planner

Chioma Ezekwesili.


Iron sharpens Iron, surround yourselves with people that will raise you to be a better version of yourself every day.





''Do more than belong: participate. Do more than believe: practice. Do more than dream: work''

  1. Chioma baby you just make me want to cry so much so emotional at the moment i love you and forever the world isn’t ready for us yet???

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