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So basically for some time now I have been struggling with writing a blog post and it is not because I am lazy or do not know what to write, it is because I am finding it hard to pen my thoughts on paper. As an upcoming blogger here are just a few tips that help me and might be useful to you as well and hey! Kindly share in the comment sector few personal tips that help you as well ( you don’t know who needs it) especially if you are an “oldie” in blogging.

Firstly, I write/type out possible topics that I love and would love to write about. Now, it can be anything, anything at all, just write down every topic and the idea about it. The blogger point shared a post of some topics bloggers should take on this January, click THIS for the link.

Secondly, read other people’s blog for inspiration; some bloggers may have written some post that may interest you and you probably would want to share your opinion concerning it as well but if possible contact the blogger first and seek permission, especially if you are going to be using a quote from the blog. Some cases that you may not be able to contact the blogger be sure to give proper credit

Thirdly, do something that will help clear your head or keep you relaxed as for me movies help a whole lot, it sort of help to open my brain, lol, I don’t understand how that works though. So, yours might be music, sleeping etc. but be sure to be in a very relaxed mood

Fourthly, out of the written topics from the first point, pick your best 2 and start writing on them, it must not be perfect but it should be drafted out and later you can edit and work on it. And when you are done; a post is ready

Fifth, Collaboration; every blogger’s plan, now no man is an island and it is always better to work with people, two heads they say are better than one. Read up on other people’s blog, contact the person that best suits your value and fits in well with your style of blogging and request and have a collaboration. This year I plan on having as many as possible. You should try this also. However, your audience is another big part of your blog life, so a Q and A on what topics they would love for you to write on wouldn’t be a bad idea either (not tried this but I definitely will).

Finally, be sure to remember why you started and how far you have come not to continue, sometimes things to write or inspirations may not be there but be sure to remember that you have at least one person looking forward to your post. So keep a positive and open mind.

I hope with this few points of mind I have been able to share some workable tips to assist you. So hey! Again if you have any more tips kindly comment below; let’s learn from each other

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''Do more than belong: participate. Do more than believe: practice. Do more than dream: work''

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