Denim Fever: Dress

Hey!!! so it is my birthday today and I am super happy. God’s Grace kept me. So I did my first photoshoot ever for my birthday courtesy of Timeyin Gordon *wink*

Denim or jeans as some may call it, are here to stay. I do not think they can ever go out of style. Basically, denim is incorporated into almost anything nowadays like Ankara, shoes, bags etc.

In the 2000s, jeans, as we knew it then was just mainly trousers and boy, was it hard and strong, then we had to use a scrubbing brush to wash them and when we wanted to wear them we had to wiggle our waist into the trousers but now the “Ajebo” type know as denim and come into play, easy to wear and wash.

One of my best denim wears are the dress types particularly because you can pair it with anything, you could throw on a blazer for work, you could put on nice sneakers for a day out with friends or wear a nice pair of heel for a dinner and girl you are good to go.

So for my denim look today, I decided to go for a pair of leopard print heels you know to add just a little pattern. Then I went for a shiny gold bag just to give a bright colour to the outfit.

In wearing denim or jeans, make sure you add colours just to make the denim pop especially if you are wearing a dark shade of denim but if you are wearing a light shade pair it with dark colours like black or navy blue or army green, this will make the denim stand out.

Be sure you have a medium to small size bag so you don’t overshadow the denim. if wearing a collared denim be sure to have a shorter hairdo or your hair is packed up to bring light to your face and the collar. So if without collar ensure the hair is not covering the neckline so people can see the dress well. As time goes by I will ensure I have my picture sample in pairing denim but for now, this is what I have got;

Photo Credit: Sola Fagbemi

Basically, everything I am wearing is from Balogun “Eko” “Lagos” Market and it is at the cheapest rate nothing I am putting on is more than 3k well expect the hair (you know they are not so cheap)

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