Different People, Different Race

We are NOT the same, we can Never be the same, we have DIFFERENT races.

Sometimes we see people and envy them, now it is not bad to want to be like someone and look up to the person but when that turns to envy and trying any means (good and bad) to get there,  that has gone out of hand.

In our aspiration to be like someone, we should not lose focus of discovering who we are in the process. Everyone is called to be someone different and better and once you focus to be like someone you might lose track of yourself.

Take time, self-medicate, know and discover yourself, discover your strengths and weaknesses. This will help you build your strengths better and work on your weaknesses. When I was in school and I wanted to run for the post of Vice-President, I was very scared of standing and talking to a large crowd, talk less of almost every student of Babcock University, now that was a weakness that was in my way of achieving something I wanted and I had to work on it.

Therefore, practical steps were taken, I had to build my courage of walking up to people and letting them know my intentions of being the vice-president, started anchoring some church programs just to build stage confidence and it helped though I am still working on it but try and work on your weakness, especially if it is something that can hinder you and your dreams, it might not work immediately but hey! You are only human right? Keep Trying!

Different people are called to be doctors, nurses, lawyers, entrepreneurs etc. in this our 21st century, everybody is vying to be an entrepreneur but what they forget is the first goal as an entrepreneur is solving a problem in the society and not solving your “bank account” problems. The moment your primary aim is just to finance, you will lose it in the first year (probably less), because money just fall from trees. You need to work yourself twice as hard, sacrificing so many things that gave you pleasure, like your sleep time, your hang time with friends etc. if you are still doing any of these, the little money you get, you blow it forgetting you either need to save it or use it for your business.

When I had the urge to blog, I wanted to just be like Linda Ikeji and make money and after like 6 months and “I no see money” I just gave up, I wasn’t willing to do the “night waking up to blog” or stay away from some unnecessary pleasures. You cannot eat your cake and have it, as much as you want to chill with friends etc. you need to set boundaries, know the time to work and time to chill.

You do not need money to start a business, you need financial intelligence (Next Post). However, not everybody can be an entrepreneur, we need people that will be our doctors, lawyers, people that work with NGOs to help attain the Sustainable Development Goals. Most times we give up too easily. If Jack Ma had given up on his dreams will there be Aliexpress? If Dr Chikwe decided to own a business in his village will he be able to run NCDC today and fight monkeypox? What I am trying to say is know yourself, what do you love doing? That even without money, salary or stipends you will do it wholeheartedly.

Everyone has a gift and talent, it is just left for you to discover it, grow it, stay on it, keep staying on it, it might take a whole lot of time but at least you are happy doing it. Or isn’t that what matters? Happiness?


Much Love,



''Do more than belong: participate. Do more than believe: practice. Do more than dream: work''

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