How they started; Every Entrepreneurs Read Part 2

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We all know the Hilton hotel yeah? But do you know the backend story? Now this was a man with so much tenacity and zeal, he knew what he wanted and worked so hard for it till he passed away and with such zeal trained his son to take after him and the Hilton hotels today still stands tall.

Image; Insider Uk

Conrad Hilton purchased his first hotel in 1919 while on his way to buy a bank and almost a century later the Hilton Corporation has grown to be synonymous with guest service and luxury hospitality, with more than 3000 hotels and 500,000 rooms in 74 countries and territories worldwide. With a business concept in mind, he began in 1924 the building of the first hotel of the chain, the Hilton hotel of Dallas which was an immediate success. So much that soon after, Conrad began his search for another location for Hilton hotel. Conrad’s success came about as a result of his vision and innovation. During the great depression, the hotel industry was hit so hard that affected Conrad’s hotel chain. He lost almost everything and was in debt, forced to give up many of his assets.

Moral Lesson; So many things in life could hinder us from achieving our set goals and objective but never give up; if you could dream it, you can achieve it.- YhItsChioma

By 1937 Conrad was able to pay off his debts through profit from oil leases that he had bought years ago, and purchasing eight more hotels. The Hilton corporation expanded rapidly across the United States with this expansion the Hilton hotels became the first coast-to-coast hotel chain in the United States. After the passing of Conrad Hilton, his son took over and led the corporation to international growth and innovations.

Hilton today has its presence in over 70 countries, serving over a quarter billion guests a year. “the future for Hilton seems to be focused on continuing their commitment to global expansion and innovation. These commitments to growth and innovation demonstrate the continuance of their corporate mission and legacy to ‘become the first choice of the travellers of the world’ through Conrad conviction to “spread the light and warmth of hospitality’- David Lester.


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Raise your hand if you do not know google. I am guessing nobody, now this guys; Sergey Brin and Larry Page are ones to admire. Google is probably the most used website, little did they know this neither that they would be billionaires. The two met in school, with computer and mathematics background it was only natural that they were affiliated with a computer also. While in school, they coded a search engine and started looking for a buyer and at that time their competition was yahoo. After they met Yahoo to sell their search engine and were declined, they took the advice of the yahoo’s co-founder and took it to the market themselves and boom!!!

Moral Lesson; If you don’t jump, you’d never know how high you can reach. Don’t sell your idea, achieve your idea.- YhItsChioma

Google stock price began to rise, its’ worth grew tremendously and with time they launched their email accounts, YouTube and with these features had an upper hand to yahoo which made me and I am sure other people to also switch to Gmail. Scared of going public, the founders reluctantly listed the search engine on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange raising $1.2bn. There is no company that has achieved so much as Google, creating such phenomenal influence, profit and wealth in a short time.

I hope you have learnt something from these above-named people? I sure have learnt. For the past one month, I have been so overwhelmed that I was always postponing to finish up this post and I am glad I am able to do so now.

Your tomorrow starts today; therefore do it now. Read part 1 here click; How they started; Every entrepreneur Read Part 1


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