How to relax after a long week

Who else has the week that seems so long and they can’t wait to just get that week done with? When on a Tuesday morning you have lost vide to work, Wednesday and Thursday, you want to call in sick but you have used that “lie” too many times and by Friday you are no longer thinking properly, well I have had some weeks like that and trust me you need a beautiful long lasting weekend of relaxation.

This blog post is still a collaboration with Debora of debwritesblog and Sandra of stylesbyiye, so when you are done enjoying this read, head over to their blog to have more ways of relaxing after a long week. Since, we are still on our lookbook, here is my Friday outfit. Ankara is the most commonly worn outfit for work on a Friday as its free and very comfortable, though some people go for a simple t-shirt and jeans just in case you know, there is a gathering somewhere after work.

do you know whats in that glass? water 😀 yup.. thanks to the mustard at ademola adetunkunbo, wuse 2 for a wonderful bar experience even if its just pictures and drink water we went to do there.

For my Friday look, I went for a yellow or lemon green patterned shift dress as this allows me to feel free and get my weekend vibe on, moreover, with this look, I can go out with friends after work maybe for drinks or just catch the latest blockbuster movie. Which is one of the ways I try to relax after a long week.

I packed a box for a weekend getaway but I didn’t travel again 🙁

If you are a reader of novels, books etc or even if you are not, try reading a book to inspire for the week ahead, because most times we lose vibe to even continuing working or doing the business you do but with a little kickstart from a book or novel or even motivational videos could help relax and yet still give you ginger for the coming week.

The beauty of sleep is something that even God knew it was good for us, so try as much as possible to get enough sleep. The benefits of sleep are vast and important in replenishing strength and vigour to your body.

Hang out with friends; now not that you will spend all your time and money hanging out oh be wise!!. The most important thing about hanging with friends is that you have like minds shaping each other, do not mingle with mediocre but people that aspire to be great each day of their life.

Even the bible says iron sharpens iron.

My main point in this is that you read a book to expand your knowledge, you get enough sleep for strength and hang around friends that push you to be better than you were.

Have a great weekend.

Much Love,



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