I want flat tummy

So “harmattan” is coming and I don’t have a bikini body “yet”. This year I planned to exercise and focus on having a toned body and nice abs and it is October already and I am not anywhere close to a toned body. Who can relate?. Moreover, my friends are not helping, there is always an outing that involves shawarma and cold stone ice-cream and I do not know how to say ‘NO’.

So this month, I started exercising every morning and night, 5 times a week just to get “flat tummy” and basically live healthy. So speaking to you reading and you have wanted to start exercising and “you never start,” stop procrastinating and just start. I started with something I liked which was skipping, graduated to sit-ups then I kinda just continue, now I will not lie, it is not easy damn!. I have to wake up early and do light exercise at night.

Exercise is sacrifice, you can eat food with high carbs and sugar and expect to lose weight. Honey! It doesn’t work that way. It is a two-way thing. I have drank lemon water with ginger, cucumber, etc. just for the sake of flat tummy. However, they seem to be working but I trying not to over exercise as I do not want to lose so much weight especially in the right areas wink (you know what I am talking about). So I try to just work on exercise for the arm and tummy.

In exercising, see it like you are trying to live healthily and not to lose weight, losing weight is just one of the plenty benefits from exercising, it is also good for your heart as it reduces the chances of getting heart problems, helps build your bones and muscles etc. also try not to do “the one wey pass” your power, you weigh like 60kg and you are going to carry 150kg lift, why na? light exercises like sit-ups, press-ups, planks, skipping etc. in my exercise research, I realized that cardio exercise may not help you lose the desired weight you want to but HIIT exercises with a balanced meal plan can.


Below is a meal plan from Klay’s Kitchen that I follow, you must not eat all here, you can substitute for a similar meal if you don’t have the one stated below.

Happy Exercising. Happy Dieting


Much Love,


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