Living In the 21st Century

Breathe in. Breathe out. Life would have been too easy if breathing was living. Fortunately, breathing is not living. Definitely, not living in the 21st century.

The 21st century is an era of tremendous competition, overwhelming complexities and accelerated change; everything is changing so fast it seems static. Like the earth orbiting the sun.

The advent of internet and innovative technology have revolutionised the way we live, learn and love. Imaginations are being stretched. Impossibilities are becoming extinct. Man is planning to inhabit Mars (shout out to Elon Musk). Virtual Reality is in vogue. Augmented Reality is gaining momentum. Pop culture is the new norm.

The digital space has become another realm for human existence and whoever does not have digital footprint is considered dead. Understanding its attendant pros and cons would significantly make life – and living – better.

These are some tips I strongly believe will help you navigate the 21st century seamlessly and lead a fulfilled life.

10 Tips to Help You Live A Good Life in the 21st Century

1. Stay updated. Despite the cliché, ignorance is not an excuse, especially in this age. So much information and knowledge is being shared online that one can easily conclude that there is an information overload. Know how to learn the 21st century way; the cure to ignorance is just a click away.

2. Always ask why. From the foregoing, you don’t just gulp every information you get online, that is a gullible thing to do. Ascertain the veracity of the information, the source, and the why. A wise man once said, “When purpose is not known abuse is inevitable.” To maintain your sanity and the sanctity of your soul in the 21st century, you must know why – you’re living and do the things you do.

You may not always know ‘how’, but you should always know ‘why’.

3. Be happy, above everything else, be joyful. Although slightly different, happiness and joy are the most important thing in life. Whilst happiness originates from externalities, joy comes from within – an intrinsic ecstasy. This is not to foster selfishness or misantrophism, rather a kind of self-love that boost your confidence.
There is a mnemonic that encapsulates joy, it is Jesus, Others and Yourself. Living in that order in the 21st guarantees joy and happiness.

4. Fight the good fight of freedom. Always keep a clear conscience, so your will can make good choices, because the best freedom is that of free will – freedom to be you, to follow your passion and do what you love. In addition to that, know that time is your most valuable asset. 21st century is full of noise and distractions; be wise in investing (spending) your time.

5. Pay your dues. Success happens but not overnight, don’t fall for the 21st century façade – the get-rich-quick fad. The success you  desire is going to take time – may be some months or years. Give yourself time to grow. Quantity leads to quality. Practice makes perfect.

6. Lastly, take chances. Act. Make the leap. Everything you need to successfully live in 21st century is at your finger tips, except of course, the willingness to put them into action, which is scarce. Hopefully, you have it.

Daniel Iyanda

Guest Writer

A lover: of God, People, a Princess, and Poetry. Content and Social Media Manager. Tech Enthusiast. Digital Journalist. Outlier❗

  1. Mind-blowing article. Never wanted to come to the end of this exquisite writing. I think I have to sue you, 10 tips and all I could see is 6. Where the other four @ ?

    1. I appreciate your comment Victor. Please don’t sue me yet, the remaining four is coming as a sequel. Thank you.

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