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Slay Mama, Slay Papa, Slay Queen. Pepper them gang, these and many more social media hashtag has led many to just living life just for social media, forgetting there is more than Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

The social media life, sometimes are based on lie, not everything you see are true and instead of focusing on your life, you tie yourself to social media, making money for people by using the app, liking someone’s funny video (endorsing them) and you, in reality, are not doing anything other than selfies and chills.

However, it is not bad to be socially inclined through the media but when it has become your 24/7 habit, check yourself. The media has great impact on people’s mindset; for me as an example, been seeing all the wedding vibes, the proposals, the reception, pre-wedding shoots etc. and I want mine to come quickly so I can show off on the gram and top up what other people are doing meanwhile my bank account and my prospective husband’s is saying just call family and friends, go to church, say “I do” and go home.

But if you have the money please go all out, you only marry once but remember there is life after that one Saturday so be careful.

Bobrisky has made people believe there is one bae out there that can make your bank account green, made bleaching the new black, and the guy (or man-girl) is just living his life and you are killing yourself to buy his cream, send his DMs for connect forgetting you were made for greater and better.

Take time and browse through your “following”, are they adding value to the society and to you? or someone worth following. Do not feel useless or bad when you see people living the “baby girl” “baby boy” life and you are still yet to start yours know “Different People Different Race”. Work harder and better each you wake up. NB; Do not wake up to browsing through social media and waste like 1hour of your time of what you would have used to make yourself better, well except you work via except you are making money like the likes of @mznwanneka, @maraji etc.


NB; Social media should be like your relaxation time, scroll and know what’s going on in Nigeria, view your friends’ pictures, catch up with old friends. Live Yourself to the Upmost, Share your moments for friends to see, most importantly be happy.


Please do not put your whole life on Instagram, somethings are not meant to be on social media; therefore, be conservative in what you post.

Much Love,



''Do more than belong: participate. Do more than believe: practice. Do more than dream: work''

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