My Family Worship Centre Story


If you know me very well, you’d know I am a lover of Him and His presence, His presence is where I can come just as I am and He is always ready to accept me, He loves me regardless of my background, life, status etc. and if you do not know this “Him” I am talking about God my father, Jesus my friend and the Holy Spirit my guide.

As many of you know, I attend Family Worship Centre, Wuye, Abuja and I have been in this church for almost 20 years of my life, lol, I am not that old just in case you are wondering my age. At about age 5, my family decided to move from the village where I and my siblings were born in, to seek greener pastures with almost nothing in my parents account, we started the journey to an ‘unknown land’ but before we got there, our car had broken down like 5 times and my mum was being tempted to go back but she and her husband had made their mind up to give us the best life, so the fixed the car each it broke down till we got to our destination; the Federal Capital Territory.

Most you think I was born and brought up with a silver spoon, but that’s not the case, my parents had to work x2 hard to get us where we are today and God in His mercies has been ever faithful to my family every step of the way. I cannot vividly remember who invited us to church but after I went to church and I wasn’t condemned like other churches for wearing trousers (as that was the main outfit in my wardrobe) and I got back with snacks on my hands, as a little girl, and in less than 48hours someone from church visited us and invited us to come back again thats when I knew I had found my spiritual home.

Furthermore, I started from the children’s church which built my spiritual and physical life up to where if not for God and FWC, I do not know what will be of me. As little as from age 6-14, I was able to read my bible, recite memory verses, learn long chapters (most of them were competitions; which I won I couple) and build my self-confidence and esteem. My best teacher Mrs Ojone Akubo, really instilled the word of God in my spirit, even until tomorrow, she still remains my best teacher.


When it was time to move to the youth church I dreaded going there, because they dressed “fly” and my outfits back then couldn’t match up with theirs, but my caregroup leader (fellowship leader) encouraged me every day to just go, and I did, I joined the drama unit and my spiritual life and walk with God grew to another level, with my talent, I was able to pass the word of GOD through acting and God was glorified each time I was on stage.

There were various camping experiences in different states of Nigeria organised by FWC and I attended all, which was an avenue to make friends and connect with God. At one of the camping experiences in Obudu Cattle Ranch, Calabar, we were told we are going to the mountains and our prayers will be closer to GOD, lol.

I went to the university and all I had learnt from church began to play out in my life, God was with me every step of the way, through my surgery, using walking stick etc. and my spiritual life and faith began to flourish more than ever, with God, and head of my drama unit in my school church right from my 200 level, I graduated with the best results, was the vice-president of the Student union government.

I completed my National Youth Service, I also completed my Discipleship training school in church after 3 times of starting and leaving it halfway. Today, I am a bonified member of FWC, currently serving in the youth church and I know God is just starting with me. Thank God for Pastor Josh and Pastor Wilson, who are always checking on me despite their tight schedule, with all this love where else can I go to? Who I am today and who I’d be tomorrow is all by the grace of God and the spiritual upbringing from Family Worship Centre.


This is #MyFWCstory.

Happy 25 years Family Worship Centre.


''Do more than belong: participate. Do more than believe: practice. Do more than dream: work''

  1. I’ve noticed your drive and hunger for things of the spirit…super glad for your growth and where you are going… God bless you

  2. Lol. Nice read. Lucky u. You were so close to being a village girl if that care refused to be fixed each time. Lol.

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