Selfie Matters

This post has been on my mind for some time, everybody…. I mean EVERYBODY loves to take a good ‘selfie;’ it has taken over our youth’s phones as people just buy phones because of how good the front camera is, forgetting that smartphones are meant for far more than that.

So in this post, I’ll share a few tips on getting the best selfie pose for you;

1.Know your face

Everybody has a good side of their face – the part of your face that gives you that spot ‘beauty,’ mine is my left side.

2. Good Light

Light brightens the highlighted part of the face which are the cheekbones, temple and your jaw, thereby giving you a slimmer face, most girls already contour their face to meet their specifications, however Snapchat contour filter to the rescue for us that can not contour our faces.

So in taking a selfie, you want to open the windows for natural light to hit your face or face toward the direction of an artificial light if indoors, turn to your good side of your face and snap snap snap

3. Collab with your surroundings

Make sure you are the center of attention, if it’s a personal selfie, avoid getting things to block your light, it can be behind to add colour to the picture. So couldn’t find a picture but you get my drift.

4. Make a statement

If it’s a fun outing with friends, movies etc, make sure to add accessories adding spice to your face (girls only) you do not want a bland face.

However, for boys please don’t pout, don’t do ‘sexy’ tongue licking, just give a genuine look with a simple smile; now that’s sexy.


''Do more than belong: participate. Do more than believe: practice. Do more than dream: work''

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