Surprise!!! Happy Birthday Chioma

Hey! Hey!! Hey!!! It was my birthday on the 7th of December, yup about a week ago and I entered into a new chapter of my life, the silver jubilee. Let me give you a briefing on how my day went.

On the 4th of December, I was thinking about what to sew, so I got to the market to source for fabric, got one, then went home, designed the outfit and made it. On the 6th of December, I had a photo shoot to do for my clothing line that day and thanks to having a boyfriend that takes photos, lol, so we went to the studio to take photos here are a few; also check makaeze on Instagram for pricing, colours and patterns.

Why I wore a suit? I have never owned a suit plus I wanted to have a CEO look as I launch my clothing line; Maka Eze. plus the above are a few from my clothing line. visit MakaEze on instagram to preorder

By 12 am, I woke up to a call from my sister, Netochukwu, to wish me Happy birthday, and after that, I couldn’t sleep till Saturday night. Calls started coming in, messages started rolling in and I just couldn’t sleep back.

At about 3 pm, I was craving pancakes so I went to waffles and cream in 3rd avenue, Gwarinpa but omo the hold eh, but I still got my pancake. I got home, and about 4.30pm I started doing my makeup and getting ready to go to church because I needed to give my testimony.

So, I got to church, shared my testimony, (I’d make a video to share it) after church, I got home dressed up and my boyfriend decided that we should dance, so we had a slow dance then left the house. My boyfriend decided I shouldn’t drive and we will use so we started going to the venue, before then I had initially planned a restaurant for the birthday then we passed the place and my boyfriend says he wants to pick up something from Maitama, so when we go to the venue.

I entered, and I see my friends making videos and shouting SURPRISE!!! And I do not cry, but I had to cry, my friends are the best, they pulled a surprise on me. I specifically told them to dress HOT and HOT they did.

Photos below;

Special Thanks to Chinenye for pulling this off in conjunction with Mawusi, Mawuli, Abimbola, Doyinsola, Khalid, Aijay, Scot-bob, Elvis, Olamide and of course the love of my life, Timeyin Precious Gordon.

I love you all. vlog will be available on my youtube channel so subscribe here; Yhitschioma  and be the first to know.


''Do more than belong: participate. Do more than believe: practice. Do more than dream: work''


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