Thursdays Look Book; Earning so much or little yet still so broke

Have you heard that money is a spirit? If you respect money, it will reciprocate. Using myself as an example, I love to shop a lot then when I finish buying and look at what I bought, it doesn’t go hand in hand with the money I withdrew to spend, I always end up spending more and most times I don’t even know what I spent them on. Does anyone understand this feeling?

So in collaboration with Debora of debswriteblog and Sandra of stylesbyiye, we are giving tips on why you are still broke and what might help you out not only you but myself inclusive because trust me, I need it.

Most youths are all about the now and forget about tomorrow; as ladies, we see a hair on someone that seems relatively cheap and we want to buy it or a new clothing trend comes out and we are bent on having it but do we ask ourselves these 3 simple questions; 1. Do you really need it? 2. If you don’t have it what will change? 3. If you have it what will change? Other than you have something new.

Do not get me wrong, buying the good hair, clothes etc are good but not that you allow your account go bankrupt for something that will not yield returns, and something that you’d just use for highest 3 weeks and another one is out.

Furthermore, most of us do not have an investment mindset; before our salary/money enters we have spent all the money in our head, forgetting that we can also invest. Now, there are so many investment opportunities Nigeria has, with which we can be getting a certain amount every month aside our income or the one that you’d leave the money to grow for a certain period then you’d withdraw it. Bottomline is that find an investment and take part in it.

I cannot overemphasize the need to plan your monthly expenses; this gives you an idea on how much you spend every month on things you NEED and you will be able to draft a better savings plan for your income. For me, I separate my business account from my personal account, so I don’t run my business dry by spending the money there. Then I have a separate account to save and this helps me spend less thereby saving more.

If you fail to plan your monthly expense, you’d just spend the money foolishly.

you know I cannot write without talking about the outfit, so for Thursday, I decided to go simple with a shift dress and a comfortable sandals heel because Thursday feels like the week is ending so you want to dress simply comfortable just in case you will be having a movie or hang out with friends after work.

Debora, come and dash me this dress na :'( , is it a dress or a blazer, I think its a blaze-dress because it was just peng and as for Sandra, just because of this your dress I will lose weight and to think you got it from aliexpress, WOW

Start saving now, go out less, treat money with respect, buy what you NEED, once in a while spoil yourself (You Deserve It)

Much Love,



''Do more than belong: participate. Do more than believe: practice. Do more than dream: work''

  1. Many times, we go broke trying to look rich which is pathetic. Say yes to consistent savings and investment. I still want your dress ?

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