Tuesday Work Look Book; The importance of Effective Planning

We have heard the popular quote; if you fail to plan you plan to fail. But with the world is going people just prefer to instantaneous with activity and go with the flow, as much as that may work at times, planning cannot be overlooked. Before I continue, this will be a good time to let you know this is collaboration post with debwritesblog and Sandra Iya of stylesbyiye (click the highlight to view their blog).

Debora is one of a kind, she is a very determined young lady and truth be told I always look forward to her spoken words, poetic notes and blog post. Sandra is just a beauty inside-out and I am so happy to be doing this post with them. Do visit their blog to read more about effective planning.

Planning is on attribute my best friends know me for, I could plan my next 5 years in just 24 hours, now this is because I know where I am and where I am going to, plus, time really waits for no man. Planning helps you evaluate where you are and where you want to be; most people have an image of how they see themselves in a couple of years to come and with planning, SMART goals, objectives and action plan will be put in place as to attain the desired future.

Effective planning also helps you to know what you are doing that is working or not working in other words, gives an idea on risk (high or low) how best to avoid them, alternative action plan if previously stated one didn’t work out. People that “flow with the wind” will not be able to visualize risk related to the goals or activity and might just end up at rock bottom/square one.

There are 101 ways to kill a cat, and with effective planning, you can establish a different action plan to achieve a goal because everything you intend to do would have been written and in clear picture.

The importance of effective planning cannot be overemphasized as to me is one crucial key to achieving set goals and objectives. Debswriteblog and Sandra have stated in their blog on the importance, head now to their blog to read more and get my insights.

Thanks to the mustard for hosting us, guys you need to visit there, their food is affordable and trust me very yummy.

let me just talk about my outfit :D, so I opted for Calvin Klein blue dress and a blazer I got from Balogun Market and shoes from my sister’s closet :D. hope you are ready for a Monday to Friday style lookbook from Debora of debwritesblog and Sandra of stylesbyiye

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