Mechanics of Dressing

What is your style? What type of dressing do people associate you with?. Finding your style important as you will able to understand the mechanics of dressing in that style.

For me, I go for that I am most comfortable with like midi dresses, work pants, midi skirts, nice jean pants with t-shirts, blazers and a comfortable heel. All my fashion sense somewhat revolves around the above clothing and I try to pair them differently than I wore the last time and most times check online for inspiration.

I am not so much of a fan of dungarees but I guess sometimes you leave your comfort zone and try something new. So for today’s look; I paired this nice dungaree with a white sleeveless t-shirt and shhh slippers (LOL) well just for the picture, it was meant to be with sneakers but I forgot my sneakers.

The mechanics of dressing is not one to read about or try to overthink, the key is simplicity and comfort. Well sometimes you might need to be a little bit dramatic especially going for events that have themes like the Arabian night theme for #theweddingparty2premiere but comfort cannot be overemphasized.


I like this dungaree look as it is one that can be used for movies with friends, a nice party and maybe a stroll in the park. It gives this sort of youthful and vibrant look that I personally love. With this look, you will need a little sling bag so you do not defeat the “youth” look.

So this Christmas, with a lot of hanging out with friends and family, you will want to keep the look simple especially if it is going to be an outdoor activity like boat ride, movies etc. be sure to try some dungarees today and do not forget to take as much pictures as possible and enjoy the season.

Dungaree; 4000

Top; 1500

both from Balogun market

Much Love,




''Do more than belong: participate. Do more than believe: practice. Do more than dream: work''

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