Strips for the go

Now, I was supposed to write about wearing stripes but somehow I got stuck but I think I’d just let my thoughts flow through my fingers then into words. By the way, do you get this mind block sometimes and do not know what to write? How do you go about it? Share in the comment section.

So, let’s trying writing for the strips, I love strips especially the horizontals, because they make short people like me look tall :D, this is one of the tricks needed for short or fat people, because the strips give the illusion of being taller and slimmer. 2 piece set clothing is always easy for me, because I do not have to look for a corresponding top or trousers to wear and when I am tired of wearing the set, I switch things up with pairing with another piece of clothing.

I totally love black and white strips because you can pair it with any shade of accessories. So, for this look, I did a purple channel bag and a vintage like sandals heels. The heels are so comfortable because of the platform, so if you are someone like me that cannot wear heels for long opt for a platform heel as it is more comfortable and easy to walk in.

Anyways, that all about this look, please do share on social media and do not forget to leave a comment also.

Ps; my next post is all about what to do when you have challenges in creating a content for your blog post so if you have suggestions whatsoever please do leave a comment.

Also, I want to do at least one collaboration every month, and I will totally love to work with you; be a YouTuber, blogger, comedian etc. I am totally open to collaboration, just visit “contact me” and send me a message.

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