Throwback Thursday- Old school boogie

We all look forward to throwback Thursday yeah? So we can post embarrassing photos of ourselves or loved ones on social media lol. However, this my post today is not about that but an outfit I wore to an old school single network party.

I took me a while to actually figure out what I was gonna wear, as you know I like to get there slaying in every way possible. So, I went shopping, since I wasn’t close to my favourite shopping spot, lol, you know it BALOGUN market, Lagos I had to settle for Abuja expensive market, Wuse market. So, I bought a very nice huge afro, a vintage red sunglasses and shirt. And now you be the judge, does this look give an old-school vibe? Well, I think it did but you tell me.

Now, to the party, it was totally amazing, met new people, made new business connections, let me pause here and say these guys, trying to go for parties and hangouts especially if they are harmless ones because you never know who you will meet there. Most of us are so uptight and refuse to go to such gathering thinking they are not “holy”. So, before going to a party know the organizers and what the party entails, as it will give you an idea of what to expect.

At my party, there was a raffle draw and I was so excited and praying I win something and win something I did guess what it was.. an iron, don’t get me wrong I am not sad I won the iron, I am just sad that the person before me won a washing machine and the person after me won a home theatre :’( but I am still thankful I won something and made new connections.

Back to my outfit, I decided to go for a vintage shirt and large shorts as it sorta reminded me of the little daughter from fresh prince of bel-air,  then I paired it with this vintage high white sandals to add more to the old school vibe. The hair and glasses was the finishing look, as you know afros were the “in thing” for Africans in the oldies and using sunglasses were new to them so they didn’t have many options as we had now, therefore, were stuck with mainly the round or oval-shaped kind of glasses.


I totally loved my look as I was very comfortable but when it was time to dance, I had to take off those ladders on my feet, lol. Thank you for reading my throwback Thursday look and if you have a nice throwback Thursday photo on any social media, do leave your handles in the comment below and I will definitely stalk you. :*


Much Love,





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  1. haha (@I am not sad I won the iron, I am just sad that the person before me won a washing machine and the person after me won a home theatre) loooolllssss
    I don’t know why this just makes me happy..
    Perhaps, you have to attend more parties like that so you could have a home theatre and a washing machine all to yourself 😉 😉

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