Ankara to work

Ankara is one fabric that has been in Africa for so many years popularly known by the western world as African Prints. These African prints are usually just worn to church or Fridays at work in some offices though. What if I tell you that Ankara can be worn to work especially offices that allows you wear it not only on Fridays and wearing it doesn’t mean you’d not look sharp and in “work mode”.

So, I did a collaboration with my beautiful colleague female blogger and “mehn” her style and fashion sense is on to be reckoned with, her name, Debora but I call her Debbie and you can click HERE to visit her blog.

For our first look, I went with a pencil skirt and an off shoulder “kinda” shirt. Now the skirt tames the look and makes it more like a corporate outfit and If you are feeling like it then maybe you can throw a nice blazer on it. Heels and a nice mini laptop bag just make everything a little more official giving it a Wednesday or Thursday look. Debbie opted for a dress and changed the look when she added a white detachable collar to give this classy Monday look and paired it up with a belt and bright coloured heels.

The second look for us was the Ankara palazzo pants which is sorta in trend today but not all dare to wear it to work but hey! You can. So for this look, I paired an everyday white chiffon shirt with the pants of the top I wore earlier (it was a crop top and pant pair) with a black heel and simple necklace.  

For me, this I can wear from like Tuesday well, depending on your place of work and most times job description because if it’s a bank you work or you walk around so much you most likely cannot wear this. Anyways, still find a way to incorporate Ankara to your look maybe an Ankara shoe or a bag just give a pop of African prints to your dressing.

Debbie went for the same Ankara pants but styled differently, she did a red camisole and a sleeveless long black blazer, and as you all know blazer just makes everything, and I mean everything just looks official.  

With the above looks, I hope you are able to coin out a thing or two on how best to slay Ankara to work and not look like you are going to church.

 Much Love,



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